Yoga for Climbers

Published: 10th January 2022

Yoga for Climbers

Come Join us for a Yoga session with Unwind & bind for only £6! On Tuesdays and Fridays at 18:30 - 19:30 - we also offer a combined price for yoga and climb on the night only £12 for both.

How does Yoga benefit climbing?

Regular Yoga helps promote more than just flexibility.... Climbing and Yoga go hand in hand - the push to our pull, you will achieve more than just physical benefits.

Mindfulness and improved breathing techniques will help to keep your cool in a hairy situation, often in climbing what is holding us back from sending a project is our head game over technique and strength. Yoga is also great for strengthening the Core and preventing injury from over stretching muscles, you will be able to reach that bit further and get those feet higher. 

Book at reception or call us to secure a space on 01274 270123