We are running NICAS/NIBAS!

These courses are are all about helping young people learn to climb! We run levels 1-3 in this centre. 


NICAS - National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme   (Climbing with ropes)

NIBAS - National Indoor Bouldering Award Scheme      (Shorter climbs without ropes over matting)    

NICAS is all about teaching young people the ropes, it teaches them how to climb, how to tie a knot and belay a partner. It's fantastic for children looking to learn a skill and make some friends at the time. NIBAS focusses on the techniques and skills necessary to be a skilled boulderer, it's great fun and indulges children's creativity whilst teaches them safety.

Both schemes are nationally recognised achievements, providing a structured progression for complete novices through to experienced climbers and boulderers.  NICAS and NIBAS are administered by the Association of British Climbing Walls Training Trust (ABCTT), recognised by the Association of British Climbing Walls, by Mountain Training and supported by the National Mountaineering Councils. They are taught nationally, so children may practise wherever in the country they may be. 

The Scheme aims to accredit individual achievement and promote good practice, structure and deeper knowledge.  The Scheme focuses on skills, knowledge and safety through logged experience.  Emphasis is on developing progression not graded performance. Both NICAS and NIBAS are ran in levels. Level 1 is for new entrants, it teaches them the basics. Level 2 helps to consolidate those skills. Level 3, 4 and 5 are part of continuing progression of becoming a more skilled, independent and proficient climber. The participants are moved up through the levels when the coach thinks they are ready. 

Participants must be a minimum of 7 years old, we run to an upper age limit of 17. 

We are running both NICAS and NIBAS across the school term dates. We take payment in 6 week blocks (£90 for 6 sessions). A logbook (part of NICAS/NIBAS' enrolment and the way participants log their climbs costs £7.50. Session length is 1.5 hours.

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