Register To Climb

Register online to save time on your first visit. Please select the most appropriate level of climbing below and complete the online registration.

Adult 18+

If you’ve climbed before, you can register for free online (or in person at the centre) and get climbing right away. To help keep everyone safe & happy you’ll be asked a couple of basic safety questions on your very first visit.

Adult (18+) Unsupervised

Adult 18+

If you’ve not climbed before but have a friend who’s over 18 and has climbed at least once, they can supervise you for your very first visit. The supervisor will be asked a few basic safety questions*.

Adult (18+) Supervised

Under 18

Under 18's must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. Supervising adults can complete the online waiver here. The supervisor will be asked a few basic safety questions*.

Under 18 Supervised


Coming to one of our sessions with an instructor, or have a child who will be participating? Fill out this form.

Instructed Session

*Note to supervisors: 1 experienced climber can supervise 2 beginners of any age at any time, peak or off-peak.