Development hub SQUAD - a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Let's make that FIRST step a solid one together. 

Our team of qualified coaches are always looking for young climbers keen to grow and showing true potential to improve. We support and invite these children to progress to our Development Hub, which runs twice per week in smaller groups with one of our Hub coaches. The main focus is on performance enhancement and to support individuals with their very specific needs, whether competing regionally or aspiring to continuously improve technique and learn to train.


  • Monday and Fridays at 17:30
  • 60 minutes

To help with the journey:

  • Hub Squad Hoodie and T-shirt
  • 10% discount on Boreal Shoes
  • Free Climbing any other day
  • Free Climbing for parents on Monday and Friday

Call us to register your interest and to join our Development Hub Squad