Dry-tooling Social Nights

The Climbing Hub Dry-Tooling Social night is a great and friendly event chaired by The Northern Dry-Tooling Club. It is a fantastic event promoting the less known Dry-Tooling Climbing sport and is aiming to impassion climbers of all avenues to explore Ice Climbing and Dry-Tooling, yet another journey to travel and enjoy.

The Social Night welcomes beginners and seasoned Dry-Toolers/Ice-Climbers, and you always benefit from regular GB Ice Climbing members and coaches. 

We set Dry-Tooling specific routes with purposely designed holds and we supply Ice Axes & gear if needed.

Key Information:

  • For competent rock climbers (18yrs+) wishing to attend a regular Dry-Tooling session while getting to know some of the friendly folks!
  • Northern Dry-Tooling led sessions, although no instructed as such as they are enjoying the climbing with you.
  • Help to improve and develop your ice climbing techniques, bouldering and climbing. `
  • Equipment, gear and kit can be supplied.
  • 6:30 pm Thursdays.