Bouldering Beginners

New to Bouldering? Here at The Climbing Hub we offer an introductory session with our friendly staff to get you started on your climbing journey. Teaching you how to boulder safely and give you all the necessary information required to allow you to have fun and stay safe!

 To start with, watch the safety video below. Then scroll down to find out what to do next!

Great! Now that you’ve watched the video, you’re ready to go! 

On your first visit expect some competency questions to check your bouldering Knowledge, once our staff have shown you around the centre and are satisfied you are up to speed on Bouldering we will leave you to enjoy your climb unsupervised, please ask any questions if you are unsure of anything. 

All climbers are expected to wear climbing shoes, if you don't have your own, you can rent a pair at £3.50 a session.

Under 18’s must be supervised by an adult (18+), anyone not supervising children may be asked to leave, as this is dangerous for not only them but other climbers - no running/ playing on the matting - we have plenty of floor space in the main hall.

We do offer 14-17 year old assessments for competent teenagers who wish to climb unsupervised - please call us to book.

Please be aware the main wall bouldering is set with adults in mind - and it may not be suitable for young children unless regular/competent climbers - we do have a dedicated children's wall which is a lot smaller than the main bouldering.